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Ashkenaz Festival ’08 Toronto

August 28, 2008

This evening I will be attending the Ashkenaz Festival at Harbour Front Centre in Toronto. Some of you may be wondering what a Canadian of Irish/Italian descent would be doing at a Yiddish cultural event. For those of you who haven’t heard my rants and raves about SoCalled, I’d highly suggest checking out his MySpace […]

Buskerfest 2008 – Toronto

August 23, 2008

This year’s Saturday night Afterdark Buskerfest party was without a doubt the best one I’ve visited to date. Of particular interest was a percussion and saxophone artist named Shoehorn. This one-man show somehow digitally converted his tap dancing into keyboard solos or drum beats and combined it with masterfully played saxophone as well as more […]

The Last Honest Human Being

August 23, 2008

I typed this in the cab on the way home after Buskerfest Sunday morning.. To the guy who watched me unknowingly drop my 16GB 3G iPhone at Buskerfest and chased me down yelling to give it back, I salute you sir, and the drinks are on me should we ever meet again. Please accept the […]

Awesome Incorporated

August 22, 2008

In an effort to flesh out the old blogasaurus, I’m posting some stuff from my Facebook page. Some of you may have read this before, but I figured I’d share it anyway. It’s my last night of on-call and I feel like shit. I’ve been battling a stomach flu for almost three days, so we’ll […]