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Buskerfest 2008 – Toronto

This year’s Saturday night Afterdark Buskerfest party was without a doubt the best one I’ve visited to date. Of particular interest was a percussion and saxophone artist named Shoehorn. This one-man show somehow digitally converted his tap dancing into keyboard solos or drum beats and combined it with masterfully played saxophone as well as more traditional percussion to create a masterpiece of live musical entertainment. The beats this guy was able to generate with nothing more than his two feet were incredible.  He was sold out of CDs, but I’ll check to see if he has a MySpace page when I get home. Either way the live experience was indescribable, and if any of you had the chance to check out the closing day of Buskerfest 2008 I’d love to hear what you thought of it.

UPDATE:  No myspace page.  I’ll try to download some of his stuff, check back here for notification of great success.

UPDATE 2:   Apparently street performers don’t sell their tunes on iTunes or have easy to find websites.  Who’d have thought? I’ll keep trying, but your best chance of hearing this guy may be planning to attend Buskerfest next year.

UPDATE 3:   Thanks go out to the man himself.  Shoehorn’s website is available at


2 Responses to “Buskerfest 2008 – Toronto”

  1. Shoehorn has a website! ( ) His latest release is titled Cafe Cirque, featuring his Hatband Quartet. His music is available on ( key words: Shoehorn Cafe Cirque) and CDs can be purchased at
    Learn about the Tappercussion (TM) Mark VII etap instrument on the website, scroll down from the News/Blog page. These instruments can be purchased by special order.
    Shoehorn thanks you for the positive comments!

  2. Thanks for the link! Your set was so good I almost lost my iPhone. 😀

    I’ll be sure to check out the website.

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